Sheriff: TV servicemen turn out to be legit

Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe speaks to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, in April of 2018.

MALHEUR COUNTY — Has a man approached your home recently claiming to be a representative of DirecTV or Dish TV? If not, Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe wants you to be wary, that if one does. He says two men are expected to be going throughout the county with fictitious forms claiming to be upgrading current service or to be signing up new subscribers.

According to Wolfe, the most recent victim of these men’s scams sent them off with a check for $100 as well as a form in which he filled out lots of personal information including his Social Security Number and debit card numbers affiliated with his bank for the alleged setup of autopayments.

After the fraudster had left, the victim on a hunch called DirecTV to confirm if it was legitimate.

“And obviously it was not,” Wolfe said.

The victim subsequently reported it to the Sheriff’s Office.

The check was cashed immediately by the fraudster at a store in Adrian, Wolfe said, and the victim immediately cancelled all the bank cards.

However, “it’s kinda hard to cancel a Social Security Number,” Wolfe said.

He said that the men are traveling in a 2007 blue Dodge pickup, that is believed to be single cab with Oregon plates.

He urges anyone who gets a visit at their home by these men to safeguard all personal information and to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (541) 473-5126..

“We just don’t want anybody else to give them any more information,” he said.

Similar incidents were reported in March, May and June, according to Wolfe.

If caught, the men could face misdemeanor charges of fraud and theft by deception.

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