ONTARIO — During a sting operation last week, state troopers contacted 16 registered sex offenders, some of whom failed to make an annual report or disclose whether they had a change of address.

Registered sex offenders are required to report a change of address to police within 10 days. Offenders are also required to make an annual report within 10 days of their birthday.

On Oct. 5, Oregon State Police conducted a sting operation from 8 a.m. to noon in which troopers attempted to make contact with the sex offenders, nine of which were found to be out of compliance.

Oregon State Police Lt. Mark Duncan said the sting was conducted due to an increase in out-of-compliance individuals who are required to report annually, report a change of address and to report complete and accurate information.

Some men and women were cited and released, others were arrested.

One of the offenders cited and released, was an Ontario man who had not registered since 2015, according to the police report. The man will have to appear at Malheur County Circuit Court for the crime.

Duncan said the sweep is of importance because communities deserve to be safe.

“If we have offenders who are noncompliant, then we can’t assure that they are meeting conditions of probation and parole. If we can get them accountable and keep them on the right track, it’s safer for everyone,” Duncan said.

He said this is the second sting operation Oregon State Police have conducted in the area this year — the first sweep was April 27.

“The domestic violence and sex offender sweeps will continue, as needed, in the future,” Duncan added.

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