SCOTUS Roe V. Wade decision will impact Western Treasure Valley within 30 days

The former home of Four Rivers Health Care at 640 Southwest Fourth Ave. in Ontario is pictured. While Planned Parenthood has not officially confirmed the building will soon be home to one of its clinics, Anne Udall, CEO for Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, confirmed in a news conference on Friday afternoon that the entity does plan to open a clinic in Ontario.

WESTERN TREASURE VALLEY — What does the U.S. Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision overturning of the Roe V. Wade case on Friday mean for the Western Treasure Valley? The court’s decision sends abortion rights back to states. In 26 states there are trigger laws that will take effect in the next month. This includes a trigger law in Idaho adopted in 2020 which will make abortion a felony in most cases, except rape, incest or risk of life for the mother.

As such, women seeking those services in Idaho will need to make a longer trip to a state that still allows it, such as Oregon. 

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