ONTARIO — A registered nurse from Nampa, who previously worked for Saint Alphonsus Medical Center, voluntarily surrendered her license for practicing nursing while impaired, according to information from the Oregon State Board of Nursing on Sept. 30.

According to the disciplinary document, Suzanne L. Larsen was issued her license on Oct. 7, 2020 from the Oregon State Board of Nursing 2020 and surrendered it effective Sept. 15.

According to the stipulated order, on or about May 21, Larsen was impaired by alcohol while on duty in Idaho. Larsen reported to the board that she “completed treatment for alcohol use disorder, is engaged in ongoing recovery support services and has maintained sobriety.”

Additionally, Larsen stated that she does not intend to live or practice nursing in Oregon and has not applied for reactivation of her Oregon RN license.

Due to her actions, Larsen is subject to discipline related to ORS 678.111, in which her conduct was derogatory to the standards of nursing, and OAR 854-045-0070, in which her conduct related to impaired function.

Larsen is reportedly cooperating with the board, which is proposing that Larsen may request to reinstate her RN license after a minimum of three years.

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