Repair work underneath U.S. 20/26 Snake River Bridge starts this week

The barge that will be used to make repairs under the Snake River Bridge on U.S. 20/26 in Nyssa is already in place, with repairs getting underway Tuesday or Wednesday. 


The Oregon Department of Transportation will be repairing the U.S. 20/26 Snake River Bridge in Nyssa this month. 

Maintenance crews will be working below the bridge from an 18 by 60 foot barge. The barge is currently staged near the work site and will be moved into position early next week. 

Bridge work is slated to begin on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Boaters and others using the waterway will be able to maneuver around the barge, but you will need to use extra caution. U.S. 20/26 traffic impacts on the bridge will be minimal.

Work consists of removing built up rust from bridge supports and other maintenance. The repairs will be completed and the barge moved by the end of April.

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