ONTARIO — State Rep. Lynn Findley, R-Vale, tag-teamed with state Sen. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario, at the Ontario Area Chamber of Commerce forum Monday, and shared some of the frustrations of being up against a super majority of Democrats.

“The cards are stacked against us,” Findley said.

Of the 11 bills he introduced this past session, he said about a half-dozen did get through the Legislature, but the minority Republicans felt like they were getting steamrollered, and their opinions were not always accepted at committee meetings.

One major bill that he did sponsor was House Bill 2449, which raised the tax on phones to pay for the Emergency (911) Communications system, passed on the last day of the legislative session, after being warned by the Speaker of the House it was headed for defeat in the Senate. Findley said he elicited the help of Bentz in getting through the Senate.

Law enforcement and other emergency responders testified about how badly the increase was needed to maintain these communications.

One environmental bill that Findley said he did support was the clean diesel bill, which required that diesel vehicles older than 2009 be phased out.

“It felt it was pretty much a stretch," he said, initially.

But, Findley said he could support the bill because it focuses on the Portland Metro area and does not affect the more rural areas of the state.

One question he asked about every bill that came up is how would it benefit eastern Oregon, Findley said.


Larry Meyer is a reporter for the Argus Observer.

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