Malheur County Court

Members of the Malheur County Court, from left, Commissioner Larry Wilson, Judge Dan Joyce and Commissioner Don Hodge, sign a resolution authorizing the transfer of funds from the county’s contingency funds for purchase of land related to the Treasure Valley Reload Center project north of Nyssa.

VALE — The Malheur County Court took final action on Wednesday on a supplemental budget to allocate contingency funds to be used on the purchase of land for the Treasure Valley Reload Center.

It is important to note that the funds, while initially being taken out of taxpayer money, will be repaid by revenues generated by the reload center once it is up and running.

Following the second public hearing, where there was no public comment, the court signed the resolution authorizing the transfer from the county’s General Fund in the amount of $969,000 to complete the funding package for the land purchase. This brings the total for the reload/industrial park project fund to $3,019,900, according to Court documents. Those funds are a combination of state and county funds.

The court continued its meeting until Friday morning to review and sign documents related to the purchase of land for the reload/industrial park project.

This includes reviewing the closing documents on the Farmer property north of Nyssa as well as authorizing County Judge Dan Joyce to sign those documents as well as a financing contract with the state of Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority for Special Public Works Funds. It will also include passage of a resolution authorizing the loan from the state’s Special Public Works Fund, according to the agenda from the Wednesday meeting.

However, these documents were not ready for signing on Wednesday.

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