ODOT reflective plates

Crews from Oregon Department of Transportation are seen affixing one of nine reflective backplates to the traffic light signals in Ontario on Wednesday morning.

ONTARIO — On Wednesday morning, crews from Oregon Department of Transportation were carrying out plans to add reflective backplates to the traffic light signals in Ontario.

Speaking with Jeff Berry from ODOT in a phone interview Wednesday, the Argus learned that this project is a joint effort between the City of Ontario and ODOT. Berry said that this is a city funded project.

Betsy Roberts, Ontario City Engineer with Jacobs, the City of Ontario’s Public Works department, expanded on this venture in an email message received on Thursday morning.

“ODOT and the City have a maintenance agreement. The City owns the signals but ODOT maintains them. It has been a good partnership for many years,” she said.

Roberts shared the list of city projects that were discussed at the February meeting with ODOT.

1. Reflectorized Signal Backgrounds

2. Annual on-call work — this includes when traffic signals are not functioning properly. When a signal gets stuck in place or stops detecting vehicle movement.

3. Upgraded Underpass Lighting — LED lights for the underpass have been installed and can be seen best at night.

4. ATC — Otherwise known as “Advanced Transportation Controllers.” Roberts explains more about what this system is and what it can do. “This is both a hardware and software platform that supports a wide variety of Intelligent Transportation Systems – meaning signals in line down a street can be linked together so that a driver can will find them synchronized if he drives the speed limit through that area. There are many other options for information sharing and linking as well. Through our partnership with ODOT, they had purchased these – the City just paid to have them installed. The controllers in our signal cabinets are old and tired so this was a big step and a great partnership,” she explained.

5. Replacement of the actual cabinets — Roberts said how the city has some “very old infrastructure that needs replacing.” She said that this will be an item to go into next year’s budget.

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