ONTARIO — Want to trade in your empty containers for some extra cash or to get your deposits back? It seems many local Oregon residents are wanting to do just that to no avail. The recycling center at Albertsons at 1410 Westpark Plaza in Ontario has been filling up to capacity with green bags as of late.

Fielding concerns from citizens about whether the recycling center was still processing recyclables due to the sheer number of green bags present at the site, the Argus reached out to BottleDrop for further explanation of the current situation.

Joel Schoening, community relations manager with Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative responded to the inquiry in an email on Friday morning.

“I checked in with our operations team to see what is going on at the Albertsons in Ontario. That site, and BottleDrop generally, is very much still in operation. That site was last picked up on July 16, and will be cleared out again today,” said Schoening.

He wanted to assure BottleDrop customers that all of the bags deposited at the Albertsons site will be processed and those customers will have their accounts credited.

Schoening said that a site like the one at Albertsons typically gets “picked up at least weekly, more often twice a week.” He also said that the way customers are turning in their recyclables has changed in response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

“Due to the pandemic, there has been a spike in use of the Green Bag program and we are actively working to meet that demand. We’re in the process of creating some extra capacity in the Ontario area,” Schoening stated.

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