ONTARIO — Ontario marijuana dispensaries are pulling in a different kind of green in the form of revenue. Just how much revenue has been generated since recreational marijuana dispensaries opened in Ontario? The short answer is quite a bit.

The Argus reached out to Kari Ott, finance director for the City of Ontario, to know exactly what the numbers are saying about the sale of cannabis products in Malheur County.

Ott explained in an email message that the city has so far generated $89,183.35. This amount reflects revenues received for the months of July and August and is collected from the local 3% marijuana tax.

It is unclear whether the money is actually in the city coffers.

“This is actually a little ahead of what we budgeted for,” Ott said.

Worth noting is that one dispensary, Weedology, was open for six days in the month of July. The total number of days covered in this fiscal quarter is 37.

Three dispensaries are now open for business in the city following the opening of HotBox Farms which featured a free concert headlined by rap artist, Snoop Dogg.

Questions about how the city would benefit in terms of revenue from the sale of cannabis products have been raised since voters overturned a citywide ban on marijuana in November of 2018. The margins were approximately 57 percent in favor to 43 percent against.

The city’s budget has been a topic of much discussion since it started issuing permits for potential dispensaries. The preliminary city budget for the year had incorporated marijuana tax revenue projections as city officials had banked on at least one dispensary being open by June.

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