ONTARIO — Notice anything new around the downtown area? Every few days a new roadway project involving new crosswalks, vehicle stalls or street lines have been springing up all over the city.

Sprucing up the city is a dedicated task for JACOBS employees who work for the Ontario Public Works Department.

When asked if this series of projects was part of a larger, overall beautification campaign, Cliff Leeper, Public Works Director, replied, “You could say that.”

Leeper, along with Casey Mordhorst, field superintendent, took the time to explain what all of the crews have been up to recently.

Mordhorst said that for primary and secondary routes, a method called “hot-taping” is used for lines on crosswalks and roadways. He explained how this method utilizes a special type of industrial grade tape that adheres to the asphalt once heat is directly applied to it. Mordhorst said hot-taping is preferable over traditional painting because the tape is more durable and typically lasts longer under average conditions.

Leeper said that replacing the lines in the crosswalks is an annual task that the Public Works Department takes care of. The need for the yearly replacement is due to the lines getting worn down from traffic and the colors faded. As Leeper explained, these lines need to be as noticeable as possible because it is an issue of public safety.

Leeper described the ongoing series of projects as a “work in progress,” adding that is anticipated to be completed next spring. In addition to the crosswalks and parking stalls getting an upgrade, residents can expect more benches along the sidewalks downtown when the final curbing is completed.

“We’re looking to dress up the downtown area,” he stated.

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