Proud patriotism on display: Lions laud freedom with flags throughout town

Flags set up by members of the Ontario Lions Club on July 4, 2018, adorn the downtown corridor in Ontario. Members were out early this morning to set up flags on five routes throughout town, with one to two people helping on each route.

ONTARIO — Our beloved country turns 243 years old today as we celebrate our independence.

Ontario is a community that is proud to have so many World War II veterans, including the Japanese American Nisei from the 442nd. Thank you, to the veterans who reside within our community as we celebrate our freedom this Independence Day with a Coca-Cola and an apple pie.

Appreciation and patriotism can be expressed in so many ways: Ontario citizens express their patriotism by proudly flying red, white and blue throughout town on every flag holiday.

This service is rendered to our community by members of the Ontario Lions Club. On the Fourth of July and other flag holidays, weather permitting, Lions members put flags out at dawn and collect them at dusk.

“It is a thing of American beauty to see Ontario businesses partake in this service and fill our sidewalks with our national colors in observation of so many noble causes,” writes Reynolds.

How to participate

The Ontario Lions always welcome more businesses to partake in flag services to showcase community patriotism. To learn more about participating in the Lions’ flag program, email the club at or contact Michele Grimaldo at


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