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Michael Braden transitions from full-time in the workforce to full-time homeschooling

And he was pushing through pain to help his city

Michael Braden had a big change at the start of this year, which came on the heels of losing his bid for re-election to the Ontario City Council. At the time when he lost the bid to keep his seat, he questioned why. But when he found out on Jan. 1 that he was no longer going to be employed, he paused to reflect on how being freed up would allow him to potentially shift roles with his wife, who has long filled the role of being the home school teacher for their seven children, ages 7 to 17. The fresh start could put her back into the workforce and allow Braden time at home to deal with a chronic pain issue.

During the initial interview for this piece in January, Braden expressed interested in applying for the Ontario Budget Committee or possibly going back to the council should a seat open in the future. However, since then, his wife was hired at Ontario Community Development and for that reason, he withdrew his application for the Budget Committee and has firmly decided he can’t go back on the council, as her wages are paid from the General Fund and it would create a conflict of interest.

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