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Bone thrown: Dog shelter moves to Nyssa

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WESTERN TREASURE VALLEY — Dog-lovers of the Western Treasure Valley, this is the adaptation to change that will make tails wag nonstop.

Ani-Care, the Western Treasure Valley’s nonprofit, no-kill dog shelter, is moving out of Ontario.

Every dog needs a forever home, so it’s only fitting that the shelter which keeps dogs safe finds its forever home, too, or its forever location at least.

In a phone interview on Feb. 10, Nyssa Police Chief Raymond Rau shared that the animal shelter would be making its way back to Nyssa after a temporary stay in Ontario, using the old city shop near the water tower as its site of operation during that time.

Ani-Care moved from its original location, which was approximately 2 and a-half miles beyond Cairo Junction, to the Ontario location at 55 N.E. Second Ave. around July 7 of 2019.

“You can quote me, I like dogs better than people,” said Rau with a chuckle.

He went on to say that the Nyssa City Council unanimously approved City Manager Jim Maret “to sign agreement with Ani-Care animal shelter” according to the Council’s agenda for the Feb. 9 meeting.

“These people are good folks. You gotta take care of people like that,” said Rau, referencing the shelter administrators.

He said that the move is also good because it means officers in Nyssa, when responding to dog calls, won’t have to transport the dog to Ontario. Rau explained that not having to make that drive will save approximately $6,000 a year in vehicle costs, including fuel.

The distance between Ontario and Nyssa is about 12 miles.

The newspaper reached out to Ani-Care’s Amanda Grosdidier, the shelter’s representative, to ask whether this move will be a positive one for the shelter.

“This move will absolutely be positive! We will have tons of grass and space for the dogs to run and play on and it's out of town. It will be a change from what we are used to at our current location but we are pretty good at adapting,” wrote Grosdidier in an email received on Feb. 10.

'Good, good'

Nyssa City Manager Jim Maret, in a phone interview on Feb. 10, confirmed that Ani-Care will be moving back to Nyssa and will be leasing out two pieces of land to the shelter.

“It’s exciting not only for city, but for the community, too,” said Maret.

He said that the city had a “couple of spots” that weren’t being used and the rent would be “very cheap.”

According to Maret, everything “fell together” because Ani-Care reached out to the City of Nyssa to see if there was anything available at the time that these two leases opportunities became available.

“It just fell into our lap,” said Maret.

He also commented on how this new location would be “out of the way” and away from noises that might disturb the dogs.

Maret also said that Nyssa has a “great Council” and it was “very behind” Ani-Care’s new location.

The community is “very excited” and volunteers have already expressed interest in doing some dog walking, indicated Maret.

“Until they get adopted, they need to feel loved,” he said.

He also said that this endeavor had a lot of people working to make it happen.

“It’s a good, good thing for our community,” said Maret.

Bow wow wow

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ani-Care participated in community events that showcased some of the dogs that are ready to be adopted and join their forever homes. Like Pawapawlooza, a dog-centric event which had its first community event at Four River Cultural Center in Sept. 2018.

Attendees got a chance to learn about the shelter, including how to volunteer as well as getting the chance to interact with the shelter’s furry friends.

The following year, 2019, the event was officially an annual one as the second event and included a group yoga session and rock painting station.

Visitors got to learn about dog safety tips and even gathered some tips on grooming.

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