Police officers go ‘beyond the typical call of duty’

Ontario Police Lt. Jason Cooper, right, details two events in which his colleagues effectively provided lifesaving measures, during the Ontario City Council meeting on July 14. Pictured behind him, from left, are Ordinance Officer Richard Reyna, and Police Officers Adam Clinton, Todd Harnden and Casey Walker.

ONTARIO — Five Ontario Police officers have earned Distinguished Service awards for work they did that went “beyond the typical call of duty,” when responding to events in April and June. Ontario Police Chief Steven Romero presented the awards to the men at the top of the Ontario City Council meeting on July 13, saying it was an honor to recognize their lifesaving measures. Family members of the officers also attended the meeting to see the honor bestowed on the officers.

“The community doesn’t know what we do every day, day in and day out. … Your police officers every day are going out there risking their lives and putting it all on the line to help other people,” said Romero.

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