Payette County races see several close counts

David Lirgg, Kate Larson and Paula Lirgg work the polls at Farmers Mutual Telephone Company in Fruitland during Tuesday afternoon, as voters cast their ballots behind them.

PAYETTE COUNTY — May 17 was Election Day for the 2022 Idaho Primary Election. Contests included U.S. Congressional candidates as well as various state and county-level offices throughout Idaho, keeping voters busy when tackling their ballots.

All 10 Payette County precincts have fully reported, as of Wednesday morning. Following are the unofficial results of the election, as of 12:44 a.m.

U.S. Senate

Incumbent Mike Crapo (R) got the largest share of the Republican vote, with 2,488 votes, followed by Brenda Bourn (R) with just 384. Between Ben Pursley (D) and David Roth (D), it was David Roth leading with 89 against Pursley’s 59 votes.

U.S. House of Representatives — District 1

Russ Fulcher (R) took in 3,429 votes, followed by Kaylee Peterson (D) who netted 141 votes and Joe Evans (L) with 13.

State offices


Leading the primary race for Idaho Governor was incumbent Brad Little (R) with a total of 2,062 votes, with Janice McGeachin (R) in second with 1,299 and Edward Humphreys (R) with 399. Stephen Heidt, the lone Democrat on the ballot, took in 116.

Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor race was much closer; Scott Bedke took in 1,876 votes, while Priscilla Giddings (R) got 1,706. Terri Pickens Manweiler (D) has 140 votes.

Secretary of State

The top candidate for Secretary of State is Phil McGrane with 1,615 votes, trailed by Dorothy Moon (R) with 1,537. Shawn Keenan (D) took in 134.

State Controller

Controlling the lead for State Controller is Brandon Woolf (R) with 3,307 votes. Dianna David (D) got 138 votes.

State Treasurer

Julie Ellsworth (R) leads the race for State Treasurer, banking 3,293 votes. Jill Ellsworth (D) received 141 votes.

Attorney General

In first place for Attorney General was Raúl Labrador (R) with 2,171 votes, ahead of incumbent Lawrence Wasden (R) with 1,254. Steven Scanlin (D) has a total of 139 votes.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Sherri Ybarra (R), running for re-election, took in 1,048 votes toward a potential third term against Branden Durst (R) with 1,064. However, Debbie Critchfield (R) leads this race with 1,608 votes.

Idaho Senate, District 9

Sen. Abby Lee, (R), was in first place with 1,502 votes in her bid for a fifth term, followed not too far behind by Jordan Marques with 1,242.

Idaho House of Representatives, District 9 — Seat A

Ryan Kerby, (R), seeking a fifth term, garnered 1,832 votes toward this goal. Opposing him is Jacyn Gallagher (R), scoring 1,982 votes towards taking his seat.

Idaho House of Representatives, District 9 — Seat B

Judy Boyle (R) got 1,920 votes toward her eighth term. But Scott Syme (R) was close behind, scoring 1,891 votes.

County offices

Following are results for county offices, not including precinct committeemen.

Payette County Commissioners Jennifer Riebe (R) and Reece Hrizuk (R) ran unopposed for reelection, taking in 3,197 and 3,278 votes, respectively. Lindsey Bratcher (R) ran unopposed for reelection as Clerk of the District Court, taking in 3,241 votes.

For County Treasurer, Joan Howell (R) took in 1.832 votes against Dakota Menke’s (R) 1,560 votes. Howell is running for reelection.

Edie Aldridge (R) is running for reelection as County Assessor, against Sandy Clason (R). Aldridge got 1,459 votes, Clason 1,918.

Keith Schuller (R) ran unopposed for reelection as County Coroner. His total was 3,272 votes.

Running unopposed, County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Duke (R) got 3,153 votes.

Supreme Court Justice

Colleen Zahn and Robyn Brody ran unopposed for reelection, gaining 3,268 and 3,276 respectively. On the Court of Appeals, Molly Huskey took in 3,287 votes in her bid for reelection.

District Court Judge

Following are the totals in the races for each of four seats in District 3 Court.

• Davis VanderVelde was unopposed, bringing in 3,264 votes

• Thomas Whitney scored 2,180 votes, against opponent Shari Dodge with 1,276 votes

• Andrea Courtney was unopposed, and had 3,274 votes

• Gene Petty had a total of 3,265 votes, running unopposed

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