Gov. Kate Brown

Gov. Kate Brown addressed the state on March 12 about plans to stop the spread of COVID-19, including a special legislative session. A third special session will begin Monday and Brown just announced her emergency order will extend until March 3 of 2021.

ONTARIO — Gov. Kate Brown is opening up the state from restrictions imposed by her executive order to address the COVID-19 pandemic by June 30 or when 70% of adult Oregonians have been vaccinated, whichever comes first.

Those restrictions include wearing masks, capacity rules and social distancing which will be lifted by Wednesday, according to the executive order signed during her Friday news conference. The order also lifts the risk level framework.

“Oregon is 100 percent open for business,” she said.

The governor and Pat Allen, director of Oregon Health Authority, said that the Centers for Disease Control reports that Oregon’s current vaccination rate is at 69%, with Allen commenting that the vaccination campaign would not stop there. He will be pushing toward 80%.

“The pandemic is not over,” he said.

During the news conference, Allen said further steps to control the virus will occur at the local level, county commissions and health departments. COVID-19 still poses a threat to people not vaccinated, he said. 

The plan is to vaccinate enough Oregonians to end the pandemic and keep it from coming back.

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