ONTARIO — Friends of the Owyhee has announced that Sammy Castonguay, a member of Friends, will be concluding its Owyhee Geology Series (a series of field trips out onto our local public lands to teach locals about the Owyhee’s unique geological history) with a final presentation. Though this presentation summarizes the nine field trips from the Owyhee Geology Series, all that are interested in the geology of the Owyhee are welcome to join.

The event will see a review of the geology of the places visited during this series and putting that into the context of the entire region. Friends has visited the following locations:

• Succor Creek (Oregon)

• Leslie Gulch (Oregon)

• Jump Creek Falls (Idaho)

• Jordan Craters (Oregon)

• Lake Owyhee (Oregon)

• Lower Owyhee Canyon (Oregon)

• Silver City (Idaho)

• Independence Mountains (Nevada)

• South Mountain (Idaho)

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