Ontario City Hall

This photo shows the Ontario City Hall.

ONTARIO — Ontario residents will see a hike in their water and sewer bills starting in July. The move was approved Thursday by the City Council during its work session.

With the approved 1.9-percent increase, the average bill will go up $1.29 per month, according to Kari Ott, city finance director. The average monthly bill is now $69.42 and it will now go to $70.71.

The increases (or decreases) in water and sewer bills are based on the Portland Consumer Price Index and amounts can vary, Ott said during the council session.

“This one is fairly low,” she said, as the previous increase was 3.9 percent.

The council began adjusting water and sewer rates based on the Portland CPI in 2016, to stabilize the water and sewer funds, according to the council agenda report and to stay away from large increases.

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