Washington And Oregon Lawmakers Consider Ending Vaccine Exemptions

WESTERN TREASURE VALLEY — The Argus Observer has heard from more school districts about their policies regarding measle outbreaks, in a follow-up on what might happen if a measles outbreak in south-central Washington were to spread into neighboring states.

We covered policies in Ontario and Vale school districts on Friday. Here’s what other local schools have in place.

Nyssa School District

If a student is suspected to have been exposed to any restrictable disease (including measles), the student will be excluded from school and or sent home. If the disease is reportable, an administrator will report the occurrence to the local health department. The student will be excluded until student parent or guardian presents a certificate from a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner to the health department or school nurse saying the student does not have or is no longer a carrier of the disease. The district may at its discretion provide an alternative setting educational program for the exposed student.

Weiser School District

Weiser School District requires at time of admission before attending, an immunization record for each student. The district has minimum immunization requirements, as well, which vary by students’ date of birth. A conditional admission form must be signed for any child who has not received all required immunizations for school admission, and to be eligible a child must have received at least one dose of each required vaccine and be on schedule for subsequent immunizations. If a student fails to continue scheduled immunizations, that student will be excluded from school until documentation is presented proving the administration of required immunizations. Idaho law allows a parent or guardian to claim exemption from immunization requirements for their child for medical, religious, or personal reasons. All exemptions must be documented on the official State of Idaho form provided by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Immunization Program.

Fruitland School District

Fruitland officials had the following to say via email about their vaccination policy:

“We do not have a policy regarding measles specifically; but our immunization requirements follow the state law. Proof of immunizations is required for enrollment unless parents give written notification of exemption from the requirement, as allowed under the law.”

Payette School District

School nurse Anne Hanigan said in a phone interview that Payette School District follows Idaho law and code using state guidelines, and the district has immunization records on file for every child, unless a parent has objections to vaccinations, they may fill out an exemption form.

New Plymouth School District

A request for information was not received by press time.


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