Organizers stage another freedom of choice rally for Sunday

About 50 to 75 people participate in a protest in downtown Ontario on Saturday, lining up on Oregon Street across from Moore Park at about noon, before moving to a nearby parking lot to hear speakers talk on the topic.

ONTARIO —Organizers of the recent rallies for freedom of choice regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandates plan to hold another event on Sunday in downtown Ontario.

According to a message from RN Mike Wherry, who was one of the speakers at the former rally and who left his job at the hospital over the mandates, Sunday’s event will begin at 1 p.m. at Moore Park, which is the home of the Ontario Saturday Market.

Pushback over the mandates in Oregon for certain employees in public sectors to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or lose their job have picked up steam since President Joe Biden announced on Sept. 9 related executive orders for federal employees and private businesses. Experts estimate 80-100 million of the nation’s working class will be impacted.

While the conversation of personal freedoms over medical choices continues, many lawsuits are now looming or underway.

Public health officials and medical experts say that in addition to wearing masks and keeping safe physical distances from others outside your household, vaccines are another safeguards in preventing spread of the virus.

At a rally earlier this month, Wherry urged people to make alternative plans for such things as income and education if they were not planning on getting vaccinated even if mandated to do so.

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