Opera company makes vocal appearance in Weiser

Jordan Bowman, artistic director and co-founder, performs at one of Opera Elect’s opera parties in an undated photo

WEISER — Musical theater is a sight (and sound) to behold, and Weiser’s Snake River Heritage Center will be the place to find arias and duets a-plenty this weekend.

Opera Elect, an independent opera company out of southern Idaho, is bringing the classics to the masses, along with contemporary opera pieces.

Founded by Jordan Bowman and Zak Buker in 2014, Opera Elect has toured the northwest showcasing new music.

Bowman said Saturday’s performance is what she likes to call an “opera party,” combining traditional opera favorites with contemporary crossovers.

Bowman and her sister, Madelein Bowman, will entertain with a mix of arias, duets and classical musical theater in a show called “Ol’ Time Opera.”

Bowman, 27, has been involved with opera and performance arts for 11 years, and her career has taken her to New York City and Toronto.

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