Shelter official: 'Our wait list is growing'

Bags hang off the doors of the tiny homes which comprise Ontario's transitional homeless shelter at 123 N.W. Third Ave. Community in Action was aiming to get people moved in by Monday.


Ontario’s transitional homeless shelter, on Northwest Third Ave, which has reached capacity is “running smoothly” says Heather Echeveste, who is overseeing operation management at the shelter, wrote in an email received on Tuesday morning.

“All shelter stayers are warm and safe! There are a few things that have to happen before more gravel goes down. They have put in a very nice concrete area for the trash/recycle receptacles and will be installing fencing around the property,” wrote Echeveste.

The transitional homeless shelter is a collaborative project between the city of Ontario, local housing assistance agency Community in Action, and Origins Faith Community, a local faith-based organization.

Priscilla Garcia, housing programs manager with Community in Action, responded to a request for an update on the shelter in an email received on Tuesday morning.

“We still have yet to have anyone transition from shelter yet, clients are still actively working on case plans. Yes, we have had several calls and applications in for the shelter so our wait list is growing,” wrote Garcia.

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