ONTARIO — During Monday night’s regular meeting of the Ontario School Board of Directors, Ontario School District Superintendent Nicole Albisu recognized May Roberts School student Julianna Castro-Cisneros during her superintendent’s report.

Cisneros wrote the winning essay on what theme should be for the Winter Wonderland Parade in December, which was ‘Vintage Christmas.’ As whe will be the Junior Marshall for the parade.

Following is Cisneros essay:

“The theme of this parade should be vintage Christmas.

“It should be vintage Christmas because people could dress up like [a] vintage character from a movie or even a Santa. Or they can also just dress in a vintage way. It would be really fun and cool.

“It could also be a fun theme because people could bring vintage cars. Vintage cars are really cool and fun so that would be something really awesome they could do.

“Another thing is that vintage decoration is so pretty and it really looks really rustic and a lot of people like that so it would be cool for the parade. The decoration could also be presents, balloons, and things that they would put in a parade.

“It could be a really wonderful vintage Christmas,” her essay concludes.

The Winter Wonderland Parade is on Dec. 4, staring at 1 p.m. on Southwest Fourth Avenue and heading to Oregon Street.

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