Ontario School Board upholds superintendent’s decision after hearing parent complaint

Ontario School Board of Directors awaits for the clock to strike 6 p.m. in order to go into an executive session to hear a parent complaint on May 6.


The Ontario School Board of Directors on May 6 held an executive session to review a parent complaint and went into open session immediately afterwards to address the complaint in the open session.

The board addressed Kate and Ella Draper, who were brought back into the open session to hear the outcome.

Board Chairwoman Renae Corn asked the board whether they wanted to discuss the decision, to which board member Eric Evans said he did not and that the agreement was the board would return to open session to vote on the complaint and read an accompanying statement.

An initial motion made by board member Blanca Rodriguez to uphold the decision of Superintendent Nicole Albisu regarding Draper’s complaint; however, Evans said he would not agree to the motion unless it was amended to include reading a statement.

An amended motion was made and carried unanimously, with board member Craig Geddes commenting that he was voting yes, “because of some very detailed legal technicalities,” and Evans stating that he concurred with Geddes.

The statement which accompanied the vote follows.

“The Board upholds the decision, after careful consideration with our attorney, we will uphold the decision of Superintendent Albisu regarding Mrs. Draper’s compliant. The district does not support any form of retaliation, bullying, harassment and intimidation and supports collaboration between the community and the school district and encourages parents and students to be involved.”

Information about the decision that was made by Albisu, which spurred the complaint, was not brought to light in the public meeting.

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