Dumping money back into the Contingency Fund

This 1999 10-yard dump truck was one of the pieces of equipment listed as in need of replacing for Ontario’s Public Works Department during 2022-23 budget meetings this year. Now, in an effort to put money back into the Contingency Fund, the council has opted to have work done to retrofit the vehicle but not replace it, saving about $147,000 with that decision.

ONTARIO — The city of Ontario is less than a month into its 2022-23 fiscal year, but Ontario Mayor Riley Hill already is aiming to pump the brakes on spending. This including reducing funds by $150,000 to $175,000 for one expenditure already in the budget: a new dump truck for the city’s Public Works department. Hill cited a “marked decline in marijuana revenue” as causal.

The 2022-23 budget includes $225,000 from the General Fund for a new 10-yard dump truck for Jacobs, the city’s Public Works contractor.

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