VALE — An Ontario man who is facing charges after allegedly attempting to assault another man with a machete has his plea date set after an arraignment on Thursday afternoon.

Isaac Rodrigeuz, 36, is facing felony charges of attempting to commit a class A felony and unlawful use of a weapon. He is also looking at a misdemeanor charge of menacing.

Rodriguez’s plea hearing is scheduled for July 9.

Rodriguez was arrested on June 19 after a call came in from a male victim saying Rodriguez showed up at his home, threatened him with a machete and swung it at him a couple of times. Rodriguez did not hit the man.

“Fortunately, he was not successful in making contact,” said Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe.

Rodriguez was apparently confronting the victim about not wanting him to be around a woman known by the two men. Upon interviewing the male victim, the woman was identified — she and the male victim have a child in common, according to Wolfe.

When deputies contacted the woman, it turned out she was also a victim and told deputies she was “deathly afraid” of Rodriguez. This was because of a string of threatening text messages sent to the woman by Rodriguez throughout that day.

One of those included a horrific message, that she “better stay away from this guy or he will cut this guy’s head off and nail it to her door,” said Wolfe.


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