ONTARIO — “Try it before you buy it” is a term that most consumers are familiar with. The City of Ontario is putting this phrase to the test by taking advantage of a trial run period with Merchant McIntyre & Associates, a consultant firm based out of Washington D.C. specializing in finding grant opportunities for its clients.

As of June 1, the city has been utilizing a sampling of Merchant McIntyre’s expertise to procure information about available grants that might be beneficial to the community.

At the regular meeting of the Ontario City Council on July 21, a presentation by Merchant McIntyre representatives gave an update on what the firm found in terms of possible grant opportunities.

Ontario City Manager Adam Brown gave more details about the process and how to apply for the grants that were found by Merchant McIntyre in an email on July 27.

Brown confirmed that the process is one in which Merchant McIntyre prepares a report detailing the grants that are available that fit the parameters set by city officials. The required information for the grants then must be supplied by city officials.

“There is city specific information that can only be answered by our people here, particularly in an early relationship,” said Brown.

He included a copy of the federal funding grants grid prepared by Merchant McIntyre. The report details “potential funding” in the amount of $10.5 million.

The report was broken up into “Grants with approaching deadlines,” “Grants with mid-term deadlines,” and “Grants targeted for 2021” each with accompanying descriptions and funding details.

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