Investing in Ontario’s economy was the purpose of Ontario City Council approving four bids for water and sewer infrastructure work that, collectively, will cost about $141,000 at the most recent City Council meeting on March 23.

According to the agenda report analyses that accompanied the task orders, this overall project will fulfill “the strategic goals of Desirability and Growth.”

The report states the two parcels, known as the Treasure 200 and Navarette properties, “are of primary interest for economic development” to the city.

In opening the “new business” portion of the meeting, Mayor Riley Hill said this infrastructure item is “something we put some pressure on the Public Works department last week to get this done and they came through for us.”

What followed was a series of bid proposal recommendations from staff at Jacobs, which handles the city’s Public Works department. This included four task orders relating to extending water and sewer to these properties as neither are currently hooked up to city services.

Capping off the background portion of this project, the agenda report states that this work “is intended to facilitate the development of these properties by private business.”

The proposals

• Field survey work “to support water and sewer extension” for “up to $20,000.” Bid received from CK3, LLC.

• Water capacity modeling “for $6,000.” Bid received from Anderson Perry

• Sewer capacity modeling “to support extension” to the two parcels for “up to $10,000.” Bid received from Keller Associates, Inc.

• Water and sewer extension to development properties for “$105,000.” Bid received from Jacobs Engineering.

Following up

The Argus heard from Ontario City Engineer Paul Woods, with Jacobs, the City of Ontario’s Public Works department, regarding the bids and infrastructure work in a phone interview on March 29.

Woods said that this extension project had been “under consideration” for years, though he was not certain as to how long exactly. He said that “for some time” the city has “looked at these parcels for potential economic development opportunities”

Woods reiterated that there are four contracts for four different pieces of the same project. He said that Anderson Perry “has the water model for the city” and “Keller did the model for the wastewater collection.” Woods said that Jacobs is tasked with developing a “detailed design for water and sewer lines.”

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