Ontario City Hall

This photo shows the Ontario City Hall.

ONTARIO — What is on the agenda for Thursday’s Ontario City Council Work Session?

Under old business, the council will revisit bulb-outs in the downtown corridor and a resolution to provide funding for equipment upgrades for the Ontario Police Department.

Bulb-outs for downtown

• The first item of business will be a discussion of the downtown sidewalk bulb-outs that were first proposed during the council’s regular meeting on November 19. Suggestions were made about how to make these bulb-outs functional and pleasing to the eye, including planters filled with greenery.

Resolution No. 2020-103

• This resolution is a proposal to appropriate additional funding for upgrades to existing police and radio camera equipment.

In new business, the council will be considering appointments for various city committees, as well as resolutions two resolutions. The first resolution is about compensation for on-call firefigheters; the second is in regards to allocating unexpected police revenues.

Committee appointments 2020

• Fourteen applications for appointment to various committees have been received so far. These committees include: Budget, Diversity, Parks, Planning, Public Works and Visitor and Chamber.

Resolution No. 2020-102

• This resolution amends Resolution No. 2018-133, the Five-Year Compensation Plan for Paid On-Call Firefighters.

Resolution No. 2020-102

• This resolution is for the adoption of a supplemental budget to “recognize and expend unexpected police revenues.” The resolution states that $700 of these donations will be used for “drug prevention and educational items for the 19-20 anti-drug campaign and $100 will be used for the citizens on patrol program.”

Discussion items

The council will look at a revision to the Noise Ordinance (No. 2767-2020), including a “staff report noise ordinance revision.”

The city will also be looking into the possibility of finding grant funds to replace the roof on the Ontario Senior Center. According to the online agenda, the mayor has located a grant writer to begin this task “on behalf of the city.”

Homelessness will also be revisited.

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