Malheur County Courthouse

VALE — The Malheur County Court will take up an ordinance to codify the county’s regulations on occupancy of recreational vehicles and under what circumstances RVs can be occupied, at its meeting.

A public hearing on the ordinance is scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday in the County Court Chambers 251 B Street West, Room 106.

Under the ordinance, recreational vehicles will not be allowed as a permanent dwelling in any county land use zone.

However, the proposed ordinance would allow occupation of the RV for up to 30 days in a 12-month period in rural residential, rural service center, exclusive farm or ranch zones, and under certain circumstances.

One of those circumstances is during construction of a permanent home, as a temporary residence, as long as the building permit for the permanent structure is active and occupancy of the RV does not go beyond six months. An extension can be granted if construction progress is demonstrated.

Also under some circumstances, RVs may be occupied in a mobile home park, RV park or as a medical hardship dwelling.

RVs cannot be used as residences for security personnel or seasonal farm workers, or as additional living space, reads the ordinance, but they may be used as guest cottages for up to 14 days, within a 30-day period.

Occupation of the RVs within any of the urban grown boundaries will be subject to the joint management agreements between the county and respective cities of Ontario, Nyssa and Vale.

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