New K-9 officer officially on the job as of today

Nyssa Police Officer Nic Codiga and K-9 Officer Pickles paid a visit to The Argus Observer office for a quick introduction on Wednesday. The 2-year-old lab mix was full of energy upon exiting the patrol car.

NYSSA — The Nyssa Police Department is welcoming a new recruit to the force.

Officer Nic Codiga’s new partner is a K-9 Officer named Pickles. According to Codiga, the four-legged officer was picked up on March 30 and began his training on April 17.

Nyssa Police Chief Raymond Rau wrote in an email on Tuesday afternoon that this new addition to the department comes with a lot of specialized training.

“I wanted to let you know that we have re-established our narcotics K9 with a new handler and a new dog. [Codiga] has just completed has completed a five-week K9 narcotics handler class with our 2 year old Lab mix Pickles for certification through Idaho K9 standards and Pacific Northwest K9 Association for Heroin, Methamphetamine and Cocaine.”

The Nyssa Police Department is no stranger to having a K-9 officer on the force. The department’s former K-9 officer, Indigo, retired last spring and went back to his handlers in Washington, Rau said.

According to Codiga, Pickles receives a minimum of 16 hours of additional training each month. The officer said he spent 10 hours the previous day building a kennel for the new recruit.

Codiga said the K-9’s first official day of work is today.

“He’s with me twenty-four-seven, seven days a week,” the officer said of Pickles. “He goes everywhere. He rolls with me.”

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