Gold mine site

This photo shows an aerial view of Grassy Mountain south of Vale. It is the proposed site of a gold mine planned by Paramount Gold Nevada/Calico Resources, which was the subject of a meeting Wednesday at the Portland office of the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.

VALE — Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. has reported that its permitting process for the proposed Grassy Mountain Gold Mine is moving ahead at a rapid pace and has applied for a conditional use permit from the Malheur County Planning Department.

The company plans to operate an underground gold mine, along with a processing facility, at Grassy Mountain, about 20 miles south of Vale.

Malheur County Planning Director Eric Evans said he received the company’s conditional use application Monday, as the mine site is zoned for exclusive range use.

The company announced today that Oregon’s Technical Review Team has accepted two more of the baseline reports which are part of the consolidated permit application process with the state.

Sixteen of the 23 required baseline reports have been reviewed and accepted by the review team, which includes representatives of the state agencies that will be issuing permits on the proposed project, the company news release reads, with two additional reports presently under review and TRT acceptance pending.

The latest baseline data reports accepted were the geology and soils and the aquatic resources, two other reports are being updated, two other reports are still in the process of being completed before submission to the review committee, according to the company report.

The Mine Land Reclamation Baseline Data Report will be the last one submitted to the state review team and will be filed with the consolidated permit application, which the company plans to file with the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries later this year, company officials said.

A statement by Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. CEO Glen Van Treek said, “The continuing acceptance of our baseline reports is extremely encouraging as we continue building on our momentum to get the proposed Grassy Mountain mine permitted with all regulatory authorities, federal, state and county. We are on track to achieve our next permitting milestone with the filing of the conditional use permit with the Malheur County Planning Department.”

Besides DOGAMI, other state agencies in the Technical Review Team include the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Department of Environmental Quality and Department of State Lands.


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