PAYETTE — A local man was issued a warning after children saw him urinating at a park in Payette, leading to a call to the police.

On June 25, Payette Police were dispatched to Kiwanis Park in Payette after children playing at the park told a parent that they had seen an adult urinating in the creek under the bridge.

“In doing so, he failed to conceal his privates from my children,” reads a statement sent to Payette Police Chief John Plaza by the parent.

It was later discovered the man was at the park with his own children and was unable to locate the restrooms.

“No charges were preferred by the reporting party,” reads an email from Plaza.

The subject was told the severity of the offense and “seemed adequately remorseful,” so he was let off with a warning.

According to Plaza, the best thing for anyone who sees someone urinating in a public place is to get a description of the violator, go to a safe place and call the police.

“Do not confront anyone,” Plaza said. “Let the police do that.”

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