VALE — The most recent Oregon legislative session had not yet ended when a Grant County resident decided he was unhappy with two decisions that State Sen. Lynn Findley, R-Vale, made during the session and launched a campaign to unseat Findley, who is serving his first full term in the Senate. 

The recall petition was filed by Patrick Kopke-Hales, of Mount Vernon, located just west of John Day. One complaint was that Findley was a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 865, which would have prohibited a person from simultaniously holding a state office and be an officer of a political party’s state central committee. The lawmakers in question are Republicans, not Democrats, Kopke-Hales said, and would have been unfairly targeted.

His other top issues, Kopke-Hales said, was Findley staying on instead of walking off of the Senate floor with a few other Republicans, in order to oppose Senate Bill 554. That bill would allow schools and some other public entities, such as airports, the right to ban guns from their premises. Staying there, allowed the bill to get a floor vote and be passed by the majority Democrats, Kopke-Hales said.

He said the bill would create a patch work of jurisdictions and regulations of which allow guns and which don’t could make othewise law abiding citizens, felons.

He declined to comment on the progress of his campaign to force a recall, which requires 8,289 signatures to be collected by Sept. 13.

Findley did not respond for comment in time for press.

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