Marigolds in full bloom at the residence of Maria and John Wyles. Maria has grown these marigolds from seeds.

ONTARIO — For many, growing flowers is a labor of love, for others, it’s just labor. For Maria Wyles, the work it takes her to grow her marigolds is worth all the effort because many of her flowers are taken to the Malheur County Fair. These colorful blooms are used to liven up displays and add a splash of petals to parade floats.

This year, however, Wyles was not able to attend the fair and share her marigolds with the community due to an unexpected illness that kept her from this year’s festivities. Despite the hardships, Wyles is persevering and wanting others to enjoy her marigolds as much as she does.

Wyles said she has been growing marigolds for over 10 years. The plants in front of her house were started from seeds and continue to thrive despite what Wyles referred to as “awful weather.” Her distaste for the heat is shared by many in the community as triple digits have made an unwelcome appearance this week.

Wyles and her husband, John, are delighted to report that they will continue to grow their marigolds and have plenty of blossoms to share with everyone at next year’s Malheur County Fair.

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