Native American Village

Eight different cultures were represented during the event by the different “villages” that were set up around the park. All of the villages marched in the parade, including the Native American Village. Pictured at left, Spirit Dionne, 8, holds the village sign. Her younger sister, Emerald, holds on to the hand of James Dionne — their dad — while he carries his youngest daughter, Legend. June 3, 2017.

ONTARIO — The lawn of Ontario Community Library will be the site of a Native American dance performed by James Dionne on Wednesday.

Dionne, who is no stranger to performing Native American dances, has previously been a part of events in the community, notably in 2017 when he was joined by his daughters Spirit, Emerald and Legend.

“We approached him,” said Ontario Community Library Director Darlyne Johnson in a phone interview on Friday afternoon when asked about Dionne’s visit to the library.

She explained how he was already planning to perform at a library event for an American Girl party to celebrate the release of a Native American doll. Those plans had to be changed due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Dionne, in a telephone interview on Friday afternoon, said that he performs when he’s able to get out in the community.

He said that he would perform these dances almost every weekend at different gatherings happening throughout the valley and beyond before the onset of the pandemic.

“Follow a trail and you can be gone all year,” he laughed.

Dionne said that he had previously been taking part in dances at Four Rivers Cultural Center.

“We were doing stuff at the Cultural Center. So when the library called I said ‘sure,’” Dionne said.

He also said how if the pandemic had not happened, he would have already performed at the Global Village festival. Dionne said that he expects two of his daughters to join him at the library event, however, he hopes all three with be there. He said that he wants to be available to the community.

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