Carrier to the rescue

Hannah Parks is pictured at the Harmon Killebrew Post Office in Payette on Dec. 20. Parks rescued an elderly customer along her route on Dec. 14.

PAYETTE — On a normal day, a postal carrier’s service involves mainly sorting and delivering letters and parcels. But for Rural Carrier Assistant Hannah Parks, one recent shift had her coming to the aid of a customer on Dec. 14. Parks started her day at the Harmon Killebrew Post Office in Payette on Dec. 20 by sharing her story with the newspaper.

She says it was an early delivery that led to the discovery.

“I was driving down South Park Street and I had two packages for a house,” Parks recalled. “As I was walking up to the house, I was looking at the date on the packages and they were supposed to be delivered Monday the 16th. As I walked up to the door, and there’s a window right there … And I could see a lady lying on the floor in her kitchen.”

Parks, who has been on the job for almost five years, tried to gain access to the house to help the woman but couldn’t get in.

“I knocked on the window. She sat up for a minute, she was really confused. I was calling to her and she asked me to come in. So I tried to open the door but the door was locked. She kept waving me, ‘Come in, come in.’ So I started checking windows, trying to see if there was any way I could get to her.”

Parks tried knocking on a neighbor’s door for help with getting into the woman’s house.

“I knew her and her neighbor were really close, so I ran over there to see if maybe he had a key to be able to get in. But he wasn’t home.”

At that point Parks took decisive action, calling 911.

“Somebody needed to get in to help her out.”

Parks stood by, talking to the woman as she sat up occasionally.

“It was frustrating because I couldn’t get to her.”

Parks said she was able to get her to army crawl to unlock the door, where paramedics were able to treat her from there.

“I didn’t really do a whole lot, I just found her.”

Nonetheless, Parks followed up with her afterwards when she had another delivery on Dec. 19.

“I had another package for her; I walked up to the door and she threw the door open and she goes, ‘I’m so glad to see you!’ She’s doing a lot better. She’s up and … she’s back home again. I was in the right place at the right time.”

Park’s message about helping others in this kind of situation is simple: Don’t be afraid to help.

“Just help out, any way you can; We go to people’s houses every day.”

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