The Malheur County Juvenile Crime Prevention Plan for 2021-2023 has been completed and was presented to the County Court Wednesday, by Susan Gregory county juvenile director.

The plan was created working with a number of community partners and local school officials. 

The report showed that in 2019 there were 114 youth involved with criminal referrals  and 136 with non-criminal referrals. In 2020 there was a considerable drop in those numbers as there were 92 youth  with criminal referrals and 94 non-criminal referrals.

The decline is partially attributed to COVID because of the number of youth not in school, but at home.

However, the report said that brought out other problems such as a disconnect from school, mental health issues and possibly increased substance abuse. That also led to poorer grades and poorer attendance.’Through education and skill building in the moral recognition therapy program we hope to guide youth on decision making that is based on doing the right thing,” the report reads.\

Partners to be funded under the plan include the Boys and Girls Club of the Western Treasure Valley, Drug Free Coalition, Emerging Leaders, System fo Care, Altruistic Recover, Juvenile Department and Malheur County schools.  

The programs scheduled for the funding biennium grant funding are targeted toward decreasing criminal behaviors and improving outcomes for youth entering the juvenile system in Malheur County. 

Programs designed to help youth include Fish with a Cop, Hands Around the Park, Emerging Leader\s Summit, community trainings, Prevention Education, parenting programs and Treasure Valley Community College Athletic Mentorship Program.

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