House Bill 2543, which would ban transfer of gun ownership in a private gun sale if Oregon State Police can not clear the prospective buyer in three days, was moved out of the House Judiciary Committee, but did not get a ringing endorsement. The committee took action on this and other bills Tuesday afternoon.

The bill was moved to the House Rules Committee without recommendation from the Judiciary Committee, which was its original assignment.

In the hearing before that, people against the bill said people should not have to wait beyond the three days, that it was a violation of the Second Amendment, and that people should be allowed to protect themselves. Proponents also said it is an issue of gun safety and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

House Bill 3273 would ban law enforcement from releasing booking photo except in specified circumstances, such as police needing help in locating a fugitive or when a person is convicted, according to the bill.

Janelle Bynum, D-Clackamas, chairwoman of the House Judiciary Committee, said in written testimony release of booking photos can be used in doxxing, an online attack where perpetrators use personal information and documents to initiate attacks. That bill was voted on to the House floor unanimously.

Rep. Kim Wallen, Medford said that she was voting for the bill but changes would have to be made in the future, to which Bynum agreed.

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