PAYETTE — An elderly woman in Payette figured out she was involved in a scam last week, but not before scammers duped her out of $1,500.

The 72-year-old victim, whose name is being withheld for privacy reasons, said she got a call from someone saying they were with the IRS, and that person “proceeded to scare the pants off me.”

She said she was too scared to think straight after scammers had threatened to seize her assets, drivers license and her social security income, as well as threaten her with jail time.

“They kept me so upset,” she said of how fear played a role in her answering their demands, which included getting Google Play gift cards and scratching off a code to give them the number.

She said despite the red flags that went up all over the place, she was so upset and scared, and the scammers sounded legitimate, with one woman claiming to be a federal officer.

As soon as the victim realized what had happened she contacted the Payette Police Department.

Though he hasn’t heard reports of the IRS scam lately, Payette Police Capt. John Plaza said these types of scams “usually make the rounds.” This includes scammers claiming to be grandchildren in jail.

One precaution Plaza urged people to remember is not to do any transactions over the phone — especially if you’re not certain of who you’re talking to.

In addition, he said, if a scammer is insistent, “tell them to mail the information and don’t give out your address.”

If it’s the IRS, he said, they will have your address.


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