Payette City Hall

This photo shows the exterior of Payette City Hall.

PAYETTE — It has not yet been determined if a man who accidentally shot himself in the knee on Saturday will be charged for discharging a firearm in Payette’s city limits.

According to Payette Police Chief John Plaza, a man was sitting in a car trying to clear ammunition from his gun and unload it when it accidentally discharged into the car door.

“It damaged a car parked by it, but the person clearing the gun was the only one injured,” Plaza wrote in an email, adding that the incident happened in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Plaza said a detective is still talking with the investigating officer regarding charges.

The man, who was transported to St. Luke’s emergency room in Fruitland was intoxicated, according to Fruitland Police Chief JD Huff, whose officer took the initial report at the hospital.

As to utilizing a gun while under the influence of intoxicants, Huff had the following to say.

“Alcohol is usually the catalyst for poor decision making.”

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