Failed delivery: Man arrested for attempting to sneak meth to inmate

Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe and Lt. Rachel Reyna, jail commander, stand in a hallway of the Malheur County Jail during tour of the facility in January of 2018.

ONTARIO — An Ontario man who was arrested early Wednesday morning by Oregon State Police now faces charges of supplying contraband, after deputies at the Malheur County Jail were doing inventory and found a “dollar bill folded in his wallet that had a crystal-like substance in it that is consistent to meth,” said Sheriff Brian Wolfe in a phone interview this morning.

Wolfe said OSP arrested Jose Garcia, 33, at about 4 a.m. Wednesday for charges of driving while suspended, failure to present or carry a license, probation violation and an open container — although he was not intoxicated enough to get a driving while intoxicated charge.

Garcia alleges he forgot the drugs were in his wallet, according to the sheriff.

“Most people don’t know this because most people don’t live in this world,” Wolfe said. “If you are arrested and bring any illegal narcotics, tobacco products or weapons into jail, you can be charged with supplying contraband.”

However, the sheriff said he does not believe Garcia was attempting to get the drugs into the jail.

“He says he forgot about it,” Wolfe said. “I don’t think he was trying to sneak it in.”

Police officers, deputies and troopers tell individuals being arrested to let them know if they have anything they are not supposed to, they can face additional charges if it is taken into the jail.

That charge would apply to anything taken into the jail, or any correctional facility including youth facilities or state hospitals.

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