Nyssa reopens city hall, police department

The Nyssa City Council meets at Nyssa City Hall, pictured here, at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month.

NYSSA — The Nyssa City Council was asked to consider allowing a recreational marijuana business in Nyssa, with medical marijuana cardholders in mind, at its month meeting on Tuesday.

Tyler Winn, of Ontario, who grew up in Nyssa, and who is the owner of Owyhee Top Shelf, said he is a member of Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program and is a grow site administrator.

In a statement to the council, Winn said his mission is, “to create a name brand of the highest quality, with an emphasis on medical application, which, through economic development, will bring growth and prosperity to the community of Nyssa.”

Winn said his goal would be to have a strictly indoor production facility in full compliance with Oregon Liquor Control Commission, with all products to be wholesale and shipped out of the area.

“I’m not interested in increasing traffic,” he said.

“Marijuana is a drug, it need to be controlled and the black market need to be abolished. We ask the community of Nyssa to not lump us with individuals who have taken advantage of loopholes disregard[ing] and disrespecting the community, invading their neighborhoods with one goal in mind … personal and financial gain illegally obtained in the process,” Winn’s statement reads.

“Marijuana is already here,” Winn said, adding that the community needs to control it.

“Nyssa already has X amount of grows that have less accountability in city and county limits and disregard community input and are completely self-serving,” Winn alleges.

The upside for the community, he said, is that Nyssa could take advantage of a 3% sales tax, Winn said, creating an additional revenue source, with a starting base around $60,000 a year.

In response, Counselor Robert DeLeon said Winn would need to get support of the people for him to support the proposal.

With the community voting overwhelming against recreational marijuana and previous city council voting not to allow dispensaries, Mayor Pat Oliver said Winn would need to get his proposal on the ballot for a vote of the people.

Councilor Morganne DeLeon said she supported Winn’s proposal.

Winn did not say whether he would aim to get a petition initiative process started, but indicated that he was interested.

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