VALE — Members of the Malheur County Court are taking exception to proposed rules from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to limit methane gases from the Lytle Boulevard Landfill.

The proposed permit requirement is a simple air contaminant discharge permit, which would require an annual waste-in-place report and a methane generation rate report, according to Oregon DEQ documents. The estimated cost of issuing these reports, annually, is $4,000, with an initial fee of $9,000.

In its letter to the DEQ, court said, “The fiscal impact for Landfill would be an extreme hardship. The cost could not be absorbed by the county so it would have to be passed on to the citizens.” That would mean a 25% increase for tipping prices, the later reads.

The court also said the county does not have people with the expertise and time to prepare the required reports for the permits, which would require hiring an outside consultant to prepare them n a county with a very high poverty rate the increased fees would be a hardship on many of the citizens of Malheur County,” the court continues.

Under the county’s current permit, it is already required to monitor for methane gas, and it has never been never been detected at any of the monitoring wells, two buildings and an active trench. 

“In Malheur County, these new requirements will have no impact on the air quality or public health,” the court said. “It is simply an additional burden on our community.”

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