ONTARIO — A groundbreaking ceremony took place on Tuesday morning for the Ontario Speedway, a sprint boat racing facility which is going to be constructed at Ontario's former municipal golf course.

City of Ontario Mayor Riley Hill and Community Development Director Dan Cummings were among local officials who attended, along with U.S. Jet Sprint Association President Chris Bowman and Ontario Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO John Breidenbach.

The total track area of the speedway will be 450-feet long by 350-feet wide, with a 15-foot wide, 30-inch deep track winding through that area. It will be surrounded on three sides by an 8-foot tall safety fence, and an 8- to 12-foot tall, 20-50 foot wide grassy berms for spectators.

A boat, such as ones that will be used in future races at the track was featured at the groundbreaking. It is said to be capable of reaching 0 to 80 mph in less than 2 seconds.

An announcing and scoring booth will be constructed and there will be a mowed grass area for use by spectators, food vendors and sponsor booths, as well as camping and racer parking and pits.

Additionally, a spectator parking area is included in the plans.

The first three speedboat races are set to take place in May, June and September of 2022.

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