Moore Park Gazebo

This photo shows the gazebo that was donated to Moore Park on Second Avenue and Oregon Street by a private donor is now open to the public.

ONTARIO — A gazebo that was donated by a private party to the city of Ontario for Moore Park is now open to the public.

The park is on the corner of Second Avenue and Oregon Street near the downtown Ontario entrance and is home to the Ontario Saturday Market.

In December of 2020, the aforementioned private party offered to donate the gazebo to the city of Ontario.

In January of this year coordination of removing the structure from the prior owner's property began and the city of Ontario started a city staff field review.

The total cost for the project was $45,870.

In February the city opened up bids for structure relocation contractors.

In March, city staff began a project feasibility review, followed by a structural analysis of the gazebo along with the following permits: encroachment/transportation permit, building and electrical permits, all of which cost $6,500.

dditionally there was $2,000 in electrical upgrades completed.

In April, the city opened up bids for building contractors to construct a foundation in Moore Park that would house the gazebo.

In May a bid of $30,270 was awarded to JLCC Inc., to construct the foundation and a deadline of May 10 was decided for the removal of the gazebo, at the donor's property.

The relocation of the gazebo to Moore Park was $7,100.

It is noteworthy that Moore Park is leased to the city of Ontario by Ontario Mayor Riley Hill for $1 a year. As such, Hill recused himself in May when initial discussions began about moving the gazebo to Moore Park.

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