Fruitland Police Chief says evidence room is filling up due to 'aggressive law enforcement'

Fruitland Police Chief JD Huff stands over what serves as an evidence processing counter in the current police headquarters in this file photo from November of 2016.

FRUITLAND — Fruitland Police Chief J.D. Huff wanted to explain what “aggressive law enforcement” means on a practical level when he delivered the monthly police department activity report to the city council during its Monday meeting.

Huff said he believes one variable that is contributing to the increase of drug-related arrests is the legalization of marijuana in the neighboring city of Ontario, and the subsequent opening of dispensaries.

“My evidence room is jammed to the gills with drugs and paraphernalia,” stated Huff in reference to the influx of arrests and confiscation of related items.

Huff explained that the Fruitland Police Department is stepping up efforts to keep drugs and paraphernalia from becoming more of an issue in town.

In a follow-up email on Tuesday afternoon, Huff explained that, “We have a very small evidence room and with that an aggressive patrol team. This combination has produced a lot of evidence of various types.”

He also described how the Fruitland Police Department has seen an increase in the amount of arrests related to possession of controlled substances and related paraphernalia, but Huff stressed that this “isn’t the only type of criminal evidence we’ve collected.”

Huff said that while it has been manageable so far, he is thinking that the next year will bring the need for more space to devote, saying, “in the next year or so I’m afraid that we will need to expand the evidence room somehow.”

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