Drexel yard art

Stacked rocks, such as those pictured here, are among ideas for yard art.

VALE — Kindness is in the air, families can create art in their own yard.

“We know that our community partners, home-schooling parents and teachers are facing challenges and as a nation we are in a unique time with the current health & community ‘stay at home” situation,’ said Sandijean Fuson, president of the Foundation.

“We asked what our organization could do and in consultation with teachers and school administrators to provide some relieve to the current challenge, Drexel Foundation created a “Yard Art Competition” with a $100 cash prize that we hope will engage youth and families in a positive way to embrace art and a positive message — kindness,” said Fuson.

The Drexel Foundation Art programs & multi-cultural events provide an opportunity for children to expand their minds, improve self esteem and positive self-expression. Annual art programs are  free to all children, regardless of where they live. The Drexel Foundation’s art programming developed over the years in response to suggestions of identified need.  There is a need to fill and Drexel has used a creative approach to re-configure their free art programming and support teachers and parents work while the students are not physically in the classroom.

“We believe a solid education and positive reinforcement helps build better citizens and this competition has been shared with the schools throughout the region, Malheur, Harney, Union, Grant and Baker counties for them to use in any manner educators feel is helpful to this unique challenge in education and bring a positive message to students about ‘kindness.’ We also serve the Western Treasure Valley so we have reached out to the Payette, Weiser, Fruitland & New Plymouth schools, all are invited to participate now matter where you are from or live.

The rules for this Yard Art Competition which features a $100 cash prize can be found along with the registration sheet at www.thedrexelfoundation.org.

“Similar to our other programing this competition has 4 age categories so that the entire family can participate,” said Sandijean.

The Age categories are: 4-11, 12-14, 15-19, 20-up. In each category, first place wins a sack with over $50 in prizes & gift certificates. Best of Show wins $100 cash. All entries are to be emailed to drexelfoundation@gmail.com. “Need not be present to win.” The idea is that in your own yard and with social distancing in mind, art can still flourish. 

The yard art can be in any visual format (paint , sculpture, recycled items, stacked rocks). The theme is kindness, it can be about kindness to others, kindness to animals, kindness to the world, kindness …what that means to you. Remember the art must be rated G and the viewing of this art is “for kids, by kids and with kids in mind. To enter this chance to win $100, submit your photo of the area of the yard “before” doing your art and then create your art. Submit your “after photo” of the yard art you created  to compete! Youth must have parental permission before starting and in order to compete and have the signed artist registration submitted with the photo of your art by the entry deadline of  April 8, 2020. The winners will be announced on Earth Day, April 22.

Drexel Foundation’s mission is to enrich the lives of youth & families by providing art, humanities and multi-cultural experiences and to restore & preserve historical buildings in rural eastern Oregon. Their Motto: “Of your own personal Strength you can accomplish anything!” Drexel’s Mantra is: You Matter, You Are Important! Tu Importas!

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