ONTARIO — For some people, whether it’s the pandemic or just life in general, completing high school is difficult. For those who would like to do so, Treasure Valley Community College has a program that may be able to help.

Two students in TVCC’s GED program, Hazel Quick and Dillon Suter, hope to complete high school in the form of a Graduate Equivalency Degree next spring. Following are there stories.

Quick moved to the Payette area in May, and is in the process of earning her GED diploma so that she can obtain a Dental Assistant Certificate in Idaho.

She said that she was inspired to get into dentistry after seeing her mother suffer from periodontal disease, noting that having good teeth boosts people’s self-esteem.

Quick said growing up her mother was not around, as she was a single mom who had to work for jobs to take care of the family. Quick said that she fell behind in doing her homework, which she didn’t get help with. She said this, along with multiple family issues — including the loss of her brother — impacted her education.

Quick also became a single mother of three children and was unable to complete her high school education. Additionally, she had been homeless and living out of her car from May of 2020 until spring of this year.

Since then, Quick no longer lives out of her car and now works full time as a bakery assistant at the Red Apple Marketplace Ontario, which Quick she says is “therapeutic” for her.

Additionally, the grocery store works around Quick’s school schedule, so she can attend her GED classes. Quick splits her shift on the days she has classes and then returns to work to finish her shift.

Suter began taking GED classes in September. He had to drop out of high school between 2017 and 2018 to take on a job to provide for his family after a family member was unable to work.

Suter moved back to the Pacific Northwest this past summer, after living in Florence, Maine for a year before moving to the city of Vale.

Suter said he was inspired earlier this year to get his GED, because his older brother and parents did not get to finish high school. He said he did not want to be like everyone else and wanted to get it done.

Suter works full-time at Bruneel Points, in Ontario, and has the same arrangement as Quick regarding scheduling his classes around his work schedule.

Suter said his manager at Bruneel Nick Venema, co-workers, along with his father and other family members motivate him to keep going by just asking how he is doing with his classes and telling Suter how proud they are of him for wanting to go back and finish school.

Suter like Quick hopes to complete his GED by spring.

He wants to work in an office as a business manager and plans to return to TVCC to take classes in business management.

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